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Dog Barking Control

Get what you need to control dog barking, whether it is your own dog, or a neighbor's.

There are two types of dog barking control devices: one that works on your own dog, and one that helps stop your neighbor's dog from barking.

For your own dog, there are three types of treatment to get your dog to stop barking. The first is a shock-collar. This type of collar has two metal contacts that rest on the skin of the dog. It also has a sensor that detects the dog barking. When the dog barks, the battery-powered collar gives a harmless, but unpleasant, shock. After a time, the dog learns that barking is what is causing the discomfort.

The second type of dog barking control collar emits a high-pitched sound when it detects the dog barking. Instead of a shock, the dog hears an unpleasant sound, but one that is too high-pitched for humans to detect.

The third is a device that mounts either in the yard or in the house. This unit is much like the collar that emits the sound, but instead of being worn on the neck of the dog, it is simply mounted near where the dog typically barks. It, too, upon detection of the dog barking, emits a high-pitched sound that irritates the dog.

When it comes to stopping a neighbor's dog, there are two main types of control devices. The first is a handheld unit that you can use when coming in close contact with the animal.

The other type of dog barking control unit that works on a neighbor's dog is like the mounted device for your own dog. You place it in your own yard, near where your neighbor dog barks. When it senses the dog barking, it will emit the noise that stops the animal.

Regardless of you situation, whether you are trying to control your own dog, or a neighbor's, there is a dog barking control device that will meet your needs.

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